Customized and cutting-edge presses


Andrea Nava, one of the members of F.lli Nava in MonzaF.lli Nava, headquartered in Monza, is an enterprise established in the early Sixties with the aim of implementing cutting-edge products in the field of hydraulic production presses. Honouring the spirit and the passion of its founders, the present generation goes on lavishing new energies in the activity, as explains one of the current members, Mr Andrea Nava: «F.lli Nava has gained notable experience in the sector and has specialized its offer, producing increasingly cutting-edge and special machines in time. Today the most demanded presses are those customized according to customers’ real needs, both in terms of performances and of working cycles. We have approached also other forming technologies to diversify and to widen our offer, like for instance the water jetting in its different variants and the thermo-compression for internal automotive elements, thus meeting the evolution of the market demands».
Concerning the “future vision”, Andrea Nava proposes three branches of development, drawing inspiration from the present needs of customers: «I state that “Nava quality” machines are high-level and cannot be put in competition with Chinese ones or machines of other provenience, which attract with an appealing price of first purchase but have an absolutely inferior content and generate relevant costs during the whole life cycle owing to a modest quality, fruit of too many downward compromises. Our presses are characterized by high quality and precision, they allow executing optimized machining cycles and, most of all, they are suitable for pressing “new”, more “difficult” materials to be machined in comparison with standard ones, materials that industry is testing and using in several application ambits. It will be therefore necessary to upgrade constantly our machinery according to the new materials with which to cope, which are constantly evolving. The second aspect worth considering is that machines are no more only “production instruments” but they will be increasingly able to collect and process useful information for the company. I mean that presses will be more and more integrated into the computerized management of companies, interacting both with the technical department and with other offices, in particular tracing the production with a precise and punctual feedback that allows the optimal management of logistics and of the offer phase. Last but not least, I think that another important orientation consists in offering a more and more complete solution, and not only a single valid machine, including wider aspects: initial prototyping, mould, die and equipment development, automation of the handling of moulds, dies and workpieces, without neglecting – last but not least – the customer service, always one of the strong points of our company. This type of specialization allows us to be renowned as high-quality manufacturer and to go on enhancing the value of our products and services, confirming and improving our competitiveness level».APERTURA