Eco-sustainable blanking, forming and coining

High-strength steel formed component of 8 mm
High-strength steel formed component of 8 mm

A new blanking-forming-coining “soft & fast” plant by euromeccanica. An innovative design, composed by a hydraulic press and by an automation line, compliant not only with manufacturing requirements but also with eco-sustainability and energy efficiency.

Over 200 employees for 60 million Euros of turnover, an export share that today almost reaches 75%. These the main representative figures of Euromeccanica Group, outstanding all-Italian industrial reality headquartered at Rosà (VI), renowned and appreciated in various production fields, both in Italy and abroad. Euromeccanica is a network of companies, each of them reference partner in its competence sector, progressively merged to offer a broader array of integrated services. With the aim of further enhancing its production capacity and its competitiveness, the parent company Euromeccanica, committed in the design, die making and forming phase, has recently decided to implement a new drawing plant featuring forefront technology, basing it on the experiences gained in the forming of high-strength steels with follow dies. Concerning this, Vanni Venezian turned to Cavenaghi & Ridolfi Spa, which has been producing hydraulic presses since 1922, for the hydraulic press, and to Asservimenti Presse for the coil feeding line. The synergies, the experiences and the competences of the involved enterprises have led to the development of a highly innovative project, paying attention not only to manufacturing requirements but also to the design eco-sustainability, introducing forefront energy saving systems.

Vanni Venezian, President of Euromeccanica at Rosà (VI)
Vanni Venezian, President of Euromeccanica at Rosà (VI)

Quality for a broad range of thicknesses
A new technological integration that has allowed the Vicenza company to widen its customers’ opportunities with the possibility of machining big-thickness sheet metals with relevant deformations. «Once chosen a press able to satisfy our demands and technical requisites – explains Venezianwe selected Asservimenti Presse as suitable supplier for this important and strategic plant typology for us». Headquartered at Massalengo (LO), Asservimenti Presse designs and produces complete machines and plants for the sheet metal working. Know-how and deep experience make it a reference partner able to satisfy the most different applicative requirements, adapting the developed solutions to precise process specifications, optimizing the performances offered by its machines in combination with automated ones. Concerning this, the numerous line peculiarities succeeded in satisfying Euromeccanica, starting from the continuous strip levelness and, especially, the capability of automatically correcting the straightness during the feeding of the strip itself (in the broad range of thicknesses planned under machining). The plant was in fact provided for automating a hydraulic press by Cavenaghi & Ridolfi Spa performing 20,000 kN, able to machine sheet metals of high-strength steels, too, up to a maximum of 1,250 mm of width, for thicknesses included between 5 and 16 mm, configured with soft blanking system. «A wide range of thicknesses – adds Venezian – and of consequent weights at stake, but sharing the same need of achieving a high production capability and an undisputed quality of the processing strip. Without operators’ manual interventions, both at the beginning and at the end of the coil. Moreover, with an immediate set-up change, easily accomplished».

Manufacturing efficiency and process safety
Performances, in addition to process safety. At Euromeccanica, in fact, they highly appreciate the management of the automation line “start”, always delicate phase with the cut of straps when you deal with large material thicknesses. The presence of two adequately over-sized arms steadily holds the strip without arousing problems to the operator. «As excellent – further underlines Venezian – is the management of the strip gripping from the decoiler, as well as the option that automatically feeds the strip close to the die inlet. A detail, the latter, which optimizes our production, not generating the always undesired scraps in case of small-size dies». The above mentioned powered telescopic system for the strip feeding has also the peculiarity of managing the pitch optimally and therefore also the extraction of the strip end, permitting its almost total use. Coordinated by Maurizio Pozzato, the design has provided also for a space intended for welding, to attain a non-stop process continuity, and for the installation of a lubricating machine that, above and under, spreads on the sheet metal what is necessary for the successive forming phase. «Asservimenti Presse – points out Venezian – after listening to our needs and transposing them, has also welcomed our specifications to solve criticalities or problems that we surveyed on other machines, proposing their solution».

The new challenges of the future
Euromeccanica has already planned with Asservimenti Presse the introduction of a new smaller-size line, intended for the machining of chromium-plated rolls and stainless steels up to 800 mm of width and 6 mm of thickness. «Certainly a simpler automation line – highlights Venezian – due to the weights and the sizes at stake but with very delicate processing materials, for which the attention to the process quality is fundamental. The new challenge we are called to win in the next decade will be the further enlargement of the manufacturing area and the introduction of hot forming processes, too ».

View of Asservimenti Presse plant, studied to process sheet metals of high-strength steels, too (up to 1,250 mm of width, in thicknesses from 5 to 16 mm) on a hydraulic press by Cavenaghi & Ridolfi Spa featuring 20,000 kN
View of Asservimenti Presse plant, studied to process sheet metals of high-strength steels, too (up to 1,250 mm of width, in thicknesses from 5 to 16 mm) on a hydraulic press by Cavenaghi & Ridolfi Spa featuring 20,000 kN

A press, or better the “progressive hydraulic servo-press”
The new plant acquired by Euromeccanica consists of a coil feeding line by Asservimenti Presse and of a hydraulic press by Cavenaghi & Ridolfi Spa type C.R.o.p.i.S 20,000 kN – 1ES – 5,000 x 1,800. The latter, maximum adjustable closing force of 20,000 kN, table distance 650 – 1,450 mm and working sizes of the mobile and extractable table of 5,000 x 1,800 mm, assures approach and return speed of 600 mm/s and operation speed of 20 – 40 mm/s. The specific demand submitted by Vanni Venezian to Cavenaghi & Ridolfi Spa was the implementation of a press able to integrate the speed of a mechanical press into the accurate control possibilities of the forming process that are typical of the hydraulic press, without bearing the high costs of servo-presses. «From this committing issue – underlines Carlo Ridolfi, president of Cavenaghi & Ridolfi Spa was born this new press that we might define “progressive hydraulic servo-press”». Numerous are the strong points of this new press, such as: blanking dampers, the control of the slide parallelism, the “moving bolster” (to allow the comfortable operation of die exchange, operating in full safety and reducing tooling times). «The machine – adds and ends Ridolfi – has been equipped with a Slide Eco Control, too, innovative slide balancing system designed to reduce energy consumptions during the positioning motions of the slide itself. Special attention was also paid to the management of the machining scrap logistics. To this end, they have provided for central and lateral conveyance trapdoors with particular “parachutes” to reduce the fall speed of scraps themselves and to limit their acoustic impact».

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