Durable, robust cable carrier for 3D movements


01.KabelschleppThe Robotrax cable carrier from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp ensures maximum freedom of movement for industrial robots. Together with the quick-release brackets, the Protector stroke protection and the Pull-Back Unit, it forms a robust and durable system which meets all requirements of this special application. Flexible as a spinal column and yet perfectly protected: the Robotrax system from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp was designed for use on industrial robots. The cable carrier itself consists of individual plastic links with spherical clip connections attached to both sides which support the three-dimensional swivel and circular movements of the machines. The forces are transmitted via a steel cable at the center of the cable carrier, making it suitable for extremely high towing forces and accelerations. The cable carrier is fixed to the robot arms with simply quick release brackets. They can be attached to any chain link and can be individually adapted to the movement of the machine.

The Protector stroke protects the installed cables and the cable carrier. During fast movements and in large range of motion envelopes it protects against hard impacts, excessive abrasion and premature wear. It also limits the smallest bending radius. Downtimes are minimized as only the Protector rather than the entire cable carrier has to be replaced in case of damage. It is available for all Robotrax sizes. The Pull-Back Unit’s active pull-back mechanism additionally ensures an increased service life and decreases downtime. The device keeps the cable carrier under tension, preventing unwanted contact between the cable carrier and the robot to protect the cables inside.