Deco for in-line profile decoration: creativity and flexibility for new and competitive suspended ceilings


Dallan technological research has developed and refined a new in-line printing system for profiles in a pre-painted material. This system is called Dallan Deco®. Ink jet printing systems are combined according to the application and material to be printed so that trademarks, logos and decorations can be produced on the continuous line profile or special shapes.
The application shown in the photo, for example, is for the production of T-bars for suspended ceilings, but the system may be extended to many other applications. In the specific case of the T-bar, thanks to the combination of linear and transfer printing systems, Dallan has taken a normal profile and reconstructed on it the look of a profile normally obtained from two-tone pre-painted material. Results are identical to the previous but more costly method in that grid cross points are aligned and our customers can therefore introduce new and innovative profiles with different colours and decorations onto their markets. The technology can of course be applied to sectors such as sun protection, Venetian blinds or roller shutters, to create plays of light together with new and stunning artwork. Close teamwork with our customers, specialization and market awareness are once again confirmation of the pioneering nature and the cutting-edge technology of Dallan®.