Datalogic and SMI sign a partnership for packaging machinery and bottling plant production


datalogic-s15-seriesDatalogic and SMI Group ink an agreement for the exclusive supply of Datalogic products, a global company operating in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets. The partnership agreement confirms the collaboration between the two companies for the integration of Datalogic sensors in SMI’s bottling and packaging machines, delivered to major corporations in the food & beverage sectors such as, and Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Danone, Diageo, Inbev, Heinz, Heineken, Nestlè, PepsiCo, SABMiller and Unilever.

SMI selected Datalogic both for the outstanding quality of their technology solutions provided, as well as the ability to deliver a comprehensive range of products. In addition to the complete range of sensors (photoelectric, inductive, capacitive and ultrasound systems), the product portfolio of Datalogic includes safety barriers, vision systems and laser marking solutions. The agreement also foresees a close and strong collaboration between Datalogic and SMI for the development of new solutions to meet and anticipate the future needs of customers.

Particularly noteworthy product lines as part of the exclusive agreement are the IS inductive proximity, the M18 tubular photoelectric sensors in the S15 series (in the photo), the SR21slot sensors, the S3Z miniature sensors, the S8 compact sensors, the S7 fibre optic amplifiers and US18 ultrasound sensors.

The IS series product line offers a complete range of models from 6.5 to 30 mm diameter, with the ability to detect metal object at distances from 1.5 mm to 20 mm. The M18 standard tubular photoelectric sensors in the S15 series include a complete range of optic functions in diffuse, retro-reflective or through-beam mode, with plastic or stainless versions, IP69K protection, and certified for use in the food and bottling industry. The slot sensors SR21 are the ideal solution for label detection at high resolution and speed, with response times of only 20 µs and detection frequencies up to 25 kHz. The S3Z series includes a complete range of miniature photoelectric sensors, with budget models for basic applications and laser emission models for the detection of small objects or at high speed.

For more advanced applications with regard to the detection of contrast, luminescence, transparent objects, and diffuse mode with background suppression, the S8 series of compact sensors is used. Additionally, the S8 series offers IP69K protection for the food and bottling industry. The fibre optic amplifiers in the S7 series are used for the detection of small objects or in areas difficult to access using normal photoelectric sensors with integrated optics. The US18 ultrasound sensors are the best alternative to photoelectric sensors in terms of transparent object detection (e.g. plastics, glass or liquids) or when optical reflections are involved.

Romano Volta, Chairman and CEO of the Datalogic Group commented: “We are proud of the partnership between SMI, a consolidated and innovative enterprise, and Datalogic, a company which can deliver an extremely wide range of solutions, meeting client and partner requirements for both the industrial automation and the automated data acquisition industries”.

Pietro Volpi, Head of Marketing Dept. for the SMI Group commented: “Our collaboration with well-established partners in Italy such as a Datalogic is one of the key factors allowing us to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions and systems, which ensure reliability, flexibility and energy saving to our customers in over 130 countries worldwide; incidentally, ongoing innovation is one of the strongholds on which the SMI Group has been building its success for almost 30 years”.