Counterfeit-Proof Laser Processing Components


scanlab-christian-huttenloher-coo-300dpiAs the leading OEM manufacturer of laser scan systems, SCANLAB AG labels its products using the latest security technology. Users are thus protected from poor quality copies. To customers, this counterfeit-proofing guarantees system authenticity and the ‘engineered and manufactured in Germany’ quality attribute. Every scan head and galvanometer scanner shipped now bears individually coded brand-protection security labels to ensure each system’s uniqueness, genuineness and traceability.

For years, product piracy has caused substantial damage in numerous industries – from two sides at once. On one side, cheap copied products eat into reputable manufacturers’ sales revenues. On the other side, purchasers are harmed by using inferior products. Therefore, well-implemented piracy protection benefits producers and users in equal measure. To mitigate such risks, SCANLAB now equips all scan systems and galvanometer scanners with forgery-proof security labels. These labels can’t be typographically or holographically copied, and incorporate multi-level authenticity attributes. Some are apparent with the unaided eye, and others only visible with magnification or a reading device. Additionally, quick and reliable verification and traceability are facilitated via unit-specific codes combined with the respective product serial number.

“This innovative security solution finally lets us provide customers with brand protection appropriate for our components’ high laser-processing quality,” explains SCANLAB AG COO Christian Huttenloher. “We additionally see labeling of our systems as an active step against the perils of the grey market.” During servicing, or if customers harbor concerns about system genuineness, they can simply ask the company for a quick check of their system’s authenticity and quality approval. The Greater Munich based manufacturer will then instantly verify genuineness by barcode-scanning the applicable serial number combined with the unique security code.