ContiTech: New PIC is Online


The ContiTech Power Transmission Group’s new Product Information Center (PIC) is now available in 16 languages – for computers and mobile devices. Thanks to a completely new design, it offers an even clearer and more understandable structure despite its expanded functionality.

Even before the revamp, the PIC was available in nine languages. To these have also now been added a Romanian, Dutch, Croatian, Swedish, Finnish, Greek and Czech version. In all 16 languages the new PIC is completely embedded in the ContiTech website and linked to the online catalog. All the new product groups – from torsional vibration dampers to overrunning alternator pulleys and mounting sets and on to multi-V belt kits – have been incorporated in the PIC. Profile images of the belts contained are now also included in the parts lists of all the kits.

“In the new PIC we have focused very much on article-specific information,” says Jens Heitkemper from Technical Service. “General information has been moved very much into the background. Our intention in this is to guarantee that all the key details are significantly easier to find.”

The PIC can still be accessed at – the navigation bar on the ContiTech website contains a button that leads to the PIC. The Product Information Center can also be accessed directly via All the QR codes and links referring to the PIC from brochures, flyers and product packaging, among other things, remain valid.

On more and more product pages in the PIC ContiTech is offering comprehensive fitting instructions under the name of Technical Instructions. The online documents serve as digital product inserts which are always absolutely up to date. 35 new Technical Instructions have been available in 15 of the PIC’s language versions since the end of March – with the Russian versions to follow shortly. This means ContiTech now offers a total of 132 Technical Instructions. And the intention is to further expand the offering continually. “Another 70 Instructions are currently in preparation and will be published in the course of this year,” says Heitkemper. “Our aim is to offer dedicated fitting instructions for all the current belts and kits.”

Formerly known as ContiSys, the VDO Autodiagnos VCI – VDO’s multifunctional diagnostic system – has one more function: Continental’s electronics and mechatronics specialist has linked the diagnostic system to the Product Information Center. In future, therefore, users will be able to find the relevant ContiTech articles directly. The link to the current PIC catalog is contained in the Autodiagnos DSI software version 3.1.2, which has now been published.