Chemetall receives North America Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation


Chemetall-tech-coolFrost & Sullivan recognizes Chemetall with the 2014 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. Chemetall understands its customers’ needs from technological and regulatory standpoints, and with a platform approach to metalworking fluids, it has engineered truly superior solutions. The introduction of its Tech Cool® product line of environmentally compliant, boron- and formaldehyde-free fluids, is a testament to the company’s commitment to its customers.

In response to original equipment manufacturers’ desire to provide a safe working environment for employees, Chemetall modified its Tech Cool® 35048 to create the boron- and formaldehyde-free product. The Tech Cool® 35048BF is a recyclable metalworking fluid that is environmentally compliant and delivers improved performance.

“Biostability remains a critical challenge for producing boron-free metalworking fluid formulations, as boron restrains the biological activity in the fluids,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Associate Srinivas Venkatesan. “Chemetall tackled this challenge by devising an innovative way to remove boron without affecting biostability. By eliminating biocides from the formulation, it has also been able to formulate the Tech Cool® boron free products as formaldehyde-free fluids.”

Tech Cool® products can be used for machining both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With low foam, superior emulsion stability, and high lubricity, they retain the properties of boron and biocide containing products, while offering the added benefits of being boron-free. For example, Tech Cool® 35048BF gives customers complete control of biological contamination and completely does away with foul odors. Additionally, the exceptional detergency of Tech Cool® 35048BF removes residue on machine surfaces, and has special emulsifiers and stabilizers to facilitate efficient recycling.