EuroBLECH 2018 preview

EuroBLECH Hall 14 – Stand H30

Turkish technology, italian service

ERMAKSAN AND COMAF, both companies with over 50 years of experience in the sheet metal industry, are pleased to present the new FIBERMAK MOMENTUM GEN-4 8KW fiber laser model at the EuroBLECH 2018:…

EuroBLECH Hall 12 - Stand F104

High automation rate for high efficiency sheet metal working

At EuroBLECH, LVD puts the focus on flexible automation solutions and cell manufacturing for increased production efficiency. Industry 4.0-ready laser cutting, bending, punching and software technology make for an easy and smooth transformation…

EuroBLECH Hall 15 – Stand F73

Hybrid machines for sheet metal working

GADE is a reference point in the field of press brakers with over thirty years. The competence and dedication of its qualified technicians always allow GADE to offer you innovative and constantly updated…

EuroBLECH Hall 11 – Stand G77

Suspended laser cutting

The exclusive Dallan Powersort system for laser cutting machines, thanks to two opposite grippers keeping the material tensioned, allows the suspended cutting with several advantages in the production and quality of finished products….

EuroBLECH Hall 13 – Stand B38

Revolutionary solution in the field of guiding pillars for dies

Intercom is a manufacturer of guiding elements for dies since more than 35 years, who has always been interested and focused in technology and customers’ problem solving. This exclusive new solution is a…

EuroBLECH Hall 12 – Stand D104

New model of sheet plate bending machine

MG srl chooses EuroBLECH to present the new K series, an innovative concept in the world of bending. In fact, it can be used as a normal 4 roll or as a 3…

EuroBLECH Hall 27, Stand M113

Innovations for the modular concept

Meusburger presents exclusive and groundbreaking innovations: the E 5076 and E 5078 module guides. This offers the customer maximum flexibility during the design of die modules. The slide-in aid reduces the processing costs…

EuroBLECH Hall 27 – Stand E52

New multi-suspension points presses

The AIDA MSP presses allow to produce high precision and high value-added motors such as EV motors, HEV motors and energyefficient home appliances motors. The dynamic accuracy is significantly improved thanks to the…

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