Cam2 presents the smart inspect software


Cam2, Turin Company of Faro Technologies Group and supplier of technologies for measuring and three-dimensional documentation, has launched on the market the new measuring SmartInspect software in the two Basic and Pro versions. The product is particularly suitable for the measuring without Cad data and its development is strongly focused on a simple and intuitive use as well as on its easy learning also by less experienced users in 3D ambit. Among the functions of the Basic edition, it is worth highlighting the possibility of adding also images to the entities to be measured, just to facilitate at best the work of the operators relying on minor skills in the sector. Concerning SmartInspect Pro, Cam2 has provided it with a three-dimensional live view at users’ disposal that, in its function of visual interface, allows displaying the acquired geometries in optimal way. In this way it grants a fast orientation by users, while the entities usable, for instance, for measuring combined lengths and angles can be directly acquired on the screen. The automatic recognition of the entities speeds up measuring processes while effectively supporting end users in the processing of measuring sequences with just few clicks. Moreover, the software itself automatically suggests functions and controls, which might prove necessary while measuring, to users. An additional advantage for non-specialists, but also for professionals who will thus obtain streamlined operational procedures. The intuitive nature of the application software of Cam2 is finally demonstrated by learning times: according to the company, only one training day is necessary to work satisfactorily with SmartInspect.

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