Business opportunities for Italian excellences in Oman


muscat-omanItalian Business Experience is an event dedicated to opportunities for Italian companies in Oman opened by Chief Guest Sheikh Muhanna bin Saif bin Hamad Al Ma’awali, the Wali of Bausher.  The Italian Ambassador, Paola Amadei, spoke to the participating Italian companies, welcoming them to the Sultanate and the many opportunities in the country was officially  The Business to Business (B2B) event is being held for the second year after a successful start last year. In 2013, Italy had exported products to Oman with a total value of over 435 million euro. Currently, about 25 per cent of Italian export in the country is constituted by specialised machinery, particularly in the processing of marble, transport equipment, metals and electrical appliances. “Considering that in 2009 Italian exports to the country amounted to approximately 320 million euro, we can say that in five years exports from Italy to the Sultanate rose by 36 per cent,” stated a press release. “For 2014 figure, there are still no official estimates, but given the interest for the made in Italy, we expect a further increase.”

As many as 60 per cent of the companies participating last year have successfully found local partners by the help of Easy Business LLC. Easy Business LLC has their Italian office in Turin from where they find the most suitable Italian companies for Oman and the development in the country. “Our way of working has proven to be effective and fruitful. We scan the market both in Italy and Oman to find matches at an early stage. After our first introduction, we invite these companies to come here. The very well established way of doing business here is not so well known outside the region. The first impression is always positive as these companies quickly realise the many opportunities in the country. The event this year consists of professional companies within many different areas,” says Giselda Abate, CEO of Easy Business LLC.

The other organising company, OMANEXPO is the pioneer event management company and the leading organiser of major trade shows, exhibitions and conferences in the Sultanate. “We have invited both large and small investor companies to the Italian Business Experience 2014. Our network allows us to reach all government organisations as well as the private sector. With our long experience we may say that we are confident many of these Italian companies will find both partners and investors,” said Nader Abbas, general manager of OMANEXPO.

Bank Sohar has teamed up with the organisers of the Italian Business Experience to give support and information to the participating companies during the event. Most companies are small to medium sized enterprises (SME) and are looking for a local partner to build a business with in the Sultanate. Every company is in need of understanding and reliable banking partner. It becomes even more important when you’re starting up a business in a foreign country.