Best year ever for Haas Automation


Haas_2014_best_yearWith $1Billion Mark, 2014 has been the best year ever for Haas Automation, Inc. Californian company reports that its annual revenues exceeded $1Billion for the first time in company history in 2014 – an increase of more than 11 percent over 2013 – making it the best year ever for America’s leading machine tool builder. The company also built more than 14,000 units in 2014 – a 22 percent increase over 2013, and an all-time record – further reinforcing Haas Automation’s position as a global leader in the vCNC machine tool industry.

Sales of Haas CNC machine tools were strong throughout 2014, with a number of records set in the 3rd and 4th quarters. September was the 2nd-best sales month ever for Haas, thanks in part to a very successful IMTS. And October yielded records for machine tool production and sales, with more than 1400 machines built and revenue exceeding $100 million. Third-quarter revenues also set a company record, only to be surpassed by record revenues in the 4th quarter.

The total number of Haas machines sold during 2014 topped 13,000 units – an increase of more than 9 percent over 2013. The company also shipped more than 14,000 units worldwide during the year – a 21 percent increase over 2013 – with 53 percent going to international markets. “It was an incredible year,” stated Haas General Manager Bob Murray, “our best year ever. And we owe a lot to our international customers. We will continue investing in our growing international markets to ensure that all Haas customers receive the high-quality products and world-class service they deserve.”

Haas products are built in the company’s 1-million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Southern California. They are distributed worldwide through a global network of Haas Factory Outlets (HFOs) that provide the industry’s best sales, service and support. Currently, there are more than 170 HFOs in more than 50 countries worldwide, with more planned for the future. “Our growing HFO network allows us to provide Haas customers around the world with local access to Haas products, sales assistance, replacement parts, and factory-trained service personnel,” continued Mr. Murray. “This commitment to serving our customers is one of the driving forces behind Haas Automation’s global success.”