Aluminium is perfect for big screen


alumAluminium is better than steeel as the ideal material for manufacturing the largest outdoor high-resolution LED screen supporting structure, which has been developed and manufactured by Boldman.

The Printworks outdoor screen, manufactured using an Oblik spaceframe system, is constructed from 156 individually fabricated aluminium sections and is the largest of its kind weighing 5.5 tonnes. The screens, which are used for advertising, are in Manchester and Heathrow Terminal 2.

Aluminium’s flexibile use in the installation of these screens allows for precision in the construction so that the screen remains extremely flat resulting in a very high-resolution picture.

Boldman’s CEO, Nigel Clarke, says: “It is vital that outdoor screens can withstand high winds and extreme changes of temperature and weight without an effect on structural integrity whilst maintaining image quality for advertisers. Aluminium is the perfect material for this as it is lightweight, strong and allows for extreme accuracy in manufacturing and installation. We were able to deliver the materials and assemble on site with no welding required.”