Advanced control solution for milling machines


languagesA new, advanced control solution for CNC milling machines has been launched by NUM with an intuitive, conversational-style user interface. Known as NUMmill, the CNC hardware and software provides a fully scalable control system and is supplied as a complete “off-the-shelf” package. NUMmill is designed specifically for CNC milling machine manufacturers and control retrofitters and is suitable for a range of precision milling applications in metalcutting and high-precision machining, among other markets. Based on NUM’s market-leading Flexium+ modular CNC platform, NUMmill is typically configured with three or four linear axes and a single rotary axis, though it can scale to suit any size and type of milling machine application.

The system offers an extensive suite of canned cycles, ranging from simple center drilling, boring and threading to pocket cycles and complex profile milling cycles, all with 3D simulation for pre-process verification. The software also provides functions for material removal of basic pockets; these can be defined as circular, oblong, reticular and square. Milling operations can be performed on circular, oblong, rectangular and square pockets. It can also provide measurement and probing cycles to help users meet precision and quality targets.

The conversational user interface is said to enable users to operate machines without any prior knowledge of ISO code programming techniques. The Windows-based software provides graphical shopfloor programming screens that depict the tool, the workpiece and all associated setup data concisely and unambiguously, the company says.

NUMmill is supplied as a complete, ready-to-run package that includes the Flexium+ CNC system, software, and a 19″ touch-sensitive machine control panel. The system is also equipped with NUM’s MTConnect interface, which simplifies the integration of CNC machine tools with third-party manufacturing software.