Activation line 300: great atmosphere for surfaces



LIMO presents a special application of the Activation Line 300, the most powerful L³ LIMO Line Laser source that provides targeted surface heating in a matter of milliseconds. With its high electro-optic energy efficiency of over 40%, the most powerful L³ LIMO Line Laser (a CW output of over 13kW with a homogeneous line focus 300 mm long) heats even the thinnest functional layers (thicknesses of over 0.1 µm to more than 100 µm) with an intensity of 40kW/cm² in a few milliseconds – delivering outstanding precision and consistency (beam quality M² < 3 in the processing direction) in the process. Because of the low thermal capacity, the layers also cool down again very quickly. The laser energy thus serves to functionalize the layer and, as a result, add to its value.

Thanks to the targeted irradiation using the laser line profile, the user can uniformly temper large surface areas. The Activation Line 300 thus enables customized annealing, crystallization and sintering processes with fully closed surfaces. Precision tempering of coatings on glass, metal, ceramics, films and even on paper is also possible. For the production process, the user can also utilize extremely small energy and process windows that would otherwise not be feasible with the use of conventional technologies.