A new system over secondhand: it can be done!


Skills and know-how allow CAMU to satisfy the most different market needs, ensuring its customers the highest level of competitiveness. As in the case of a Service Center located in an emerging country from an initial “used” request to which a new plant for cutting sheet metal was supplied, with technical and cost requirements corresponding exactly to the customer’s needs.

The global sheet metal market is extremely diverse and versatile in its uses, according to the needs of different countries. Thanks to new production carried out by producers in search of new markets, sheet metal plays a particularly important role in the various economies of developing countries, and is a powerful tool for industrialization and thus for growth of the countries themselves. To highlight their positioning in these emerging markets, the so-called peripheral service centers, are expanding exponentially around the world and constitute a sector that expresses specific basic needs, particularly high performance at a low cost.  Limited availability of financial resources specifically often leads local entrepreneurs to seek solutions on the international market that consist of used machinery and plants. In this context CAMU (www.camu.it) in Bressanvido (VI) has addressed the recent request for a peripheral service center in a way that can certainly be defined as “brilliant.” From an initial request for “used” to the supply of a new plant for cutting sheet metal into sheets, with the technical and cost requirements exactly as desired by the customer. A visit to the company   alongside the ascertainment of its design and implementation capabilities secured the contract.

Fabio Basso, who shares the CAMU property with his brother Loris, begins – “Our plants are now present all over the world, both industrialized and developing.  This is a prerogative that has allowed us to develop and implement a wide range of solutions relating to technology and costs that form the basis upon which to insert required customizations. A know-how that gives us bargaining power in international markets. This plant is another important step for us, because initially the demand for used equipment seemed to be the only one compatible with the customer’s investment capacity. However, by proposing the new one, we have managed to strike the necessary balance between technical needs and limited investment resources“.

The new line: innovation and simplicity

The sheet cutting plant with flying shear, 1,500 x 6 mm, for carbon steel had to have a large loading capacity, therefore suitable for 35 t coils and a high speed, and peak at up to 55 m/min, therefore are highly productive. The components which are all at the forefront for the use of the best technologies of the moment, have been designed and assembled in line for these objectives. Thirty-five ton forklift truck, decoiler with frontal support consisting of roll presser and alignment slide, introduction unit consisting of a telescopic nail with four movements plus deflector roller, sheet metal guide, pinch roll, tow rollers, single pinch roll unit and very strong pre-straightener to allow the taking over of hot rolled sheets up to 6 mm of often low quality standard. Therefore, the same levelling machine that is supplied for more demanding markets, with 15 rollers, mobile counter-rollers with 7 lower and 7 upper rows, an applied power of 118 kW ensures belt feed and levelling. In short, a well-structured and robust machine. The measuring unit that determines sheet length and speed synchronism between the leveler and the flying shear has been provided for. The latter, also internally designed in CAMU, is perfectly suited to the required productivity. Finally, the plant consists of a first and second conveyor belt, to distance the sheets so as to increase the space between two sheets, for synchronism with the stacker and thus avoids overlaps that would prevent proper stacking.

I must stress – concludes Fabio Basso – that the stacker has been mechanically designed to be compatible with the speed required by the plant and therefore for productivity.  Additionally, the flying shear unit, discharge conveyor with inverter-controlled speed, fast stacker and in-line sheet pile unloader ultimately form a single complex, designed and built to ensure maximum efficiency“.