A complicated, dynamic and fast puzzle


Our contemporary reality is like a complicated, dynamic and fast puzzle. Everyday reality is not comparable to a solid but rather to something fluid. Since September 2008 until now, the Western world has been living a crisis, or better, with the change of paradigms on a planetary scale, Europe has felt disoriented, confused and not ready. In these years rising economies have grown; their GDP always steeply rising; their enterprises have more and more perfected their production processes and heightened quality; these Countries’ determination in the world “conquest” has been increasingly strong. Therefore, nations like China, Turkey and Russia have spread turmoil and “terror” in our poor Europe. Our system has jammed, companies have gone into crisis, employment has worsened and then, rightly, people have gone to the streets to protest. Then, besides these economies, Arab countries have “disappeared” and reappeared, not so much the GCC, always standing in the breach, but rather some of the nations struck by the “Arab spring”. Then more attention has been paid to Africa, deemed an interesting development area for next years. When we were then becoming acquainted with a situation of chronic crisis, China starts being affected by a small setback. On the other hand, Germany strengthens and returns to be the driving engine of Europe to a considerable extent. USA recover and also South American nations grow. Besides these macro-elements connected with single Country-systems, we should list in detail the development and the dynamics of productive sectors, too. And these are only two of the axes on which our age turns. As third axis, we have the “speed” with which we witness and live our daily life. A fourth axis is given by the “rotation” of the weight of single areas and Countries as to the overall puzzle. It is as if the global industrial structure rotated with high frequency and in this way it changed the position to the puzzle pieces. Finally, a fifth axis is represented by the constant growth of the new communication media developed thanks to the explosion of internet and of its socials, of its apps and “twitters”. Only in this scenario the new programme of industrial policy by the European Commission “Industrial Compact” takes its meaning and value. We infer from this work that it is possible to develop industry, leading it to the 20% weight, with regard to the GDP, against the current 15.1%. Only in this context we can conceive Horizon 2020 and provide then for 150 billion Euros of investment in structural funds, research and innovation. Only in this scenario it is possible to frame the results of the Global Economic Prospects report according to which the global economy has started showing again recovery signs thanks to developed economies. Today more than ever, it is as if the world economy was a three-dimensional videogame, where the protagonist must constantly change his position to avoid being eliminated, where he must tweet his position while he is running. All that at high speed. Finally, the last element to be managed is the fact that this game does not contemplate the Game Over modality.