25th anniversary for Breuckmann GmbH


36def3e720Breuckmann is an innovative pioneer and leading manufacturer of high­performance optical 3D systems for contact­free measurement, digitization and inspection. The patented measuring principle based on the miniaturized projection technique captures even complex object geometries. Key application areas are found in the technical­industrial sector, such as in modern product development and production optimization, quality control and inspection, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. In addition, the systems are also used for the measurement of the human body as well as in arts and cultural heritage.

Reaching its 25th anniversary, the success story of the company continues. Since its acquisition by AICON 3D Systems GmbH in August 2012, AICON and Breuckmann present themselves as a full­range provider in the field of optical 3D metrology. The product spectrum encompasses innovative solutions for most diverse measurement tasks, such as portable coordinate measuring machines for universal applications, specialized optical measuring technology for vehicle safety and tube manufacturing as well as scanners for the areal object acquisition.

A new product in the combined product portfolio is the 3D Arena for projects in the automotive design. Using this tracking system enables the determination of the absolute position of processing machines (e.g. mobile milling machines) or measuring systems such as the breuckmann white light scanner naviSCAN within a given space. This allows for flexible working with mobile, freely moving machines within a designated workspace.