Thermal cutting performances increase with Perfect Hole E ClevAIR


For over 20 years, Promotec has been one of the main European players in the manufacturing of industrial machines that use different technologies in the sheet metal working. Today, among them, we find in particular highly innovative plasma and laser cutting plants with excellent technological content. Concerning the laser technology, Promotec has initially used CO2 laser generators on several machine configurations, mainly of big sizes. Afterwards, one of the first companies on a European scale, it has integrated the use of laser fibre sources, still with particular attention to big sheet metal sizes. Strong point of Promotec are undoubtedly the choice of excellent-level components coupled with innovative mechanical concepts and of proven reliability in time. Gigant Industries Group, of which Promotec LSMC SrL is part, has strengthened the internal business organization, especially the areas of the technical office and of the after sales service, investing in the search for highly skilled personnel. We are here analysing in detail the peculiarities of the new plasma cutting plant that the company will exhibit at Lamiera.

The new Plasma cutting plant

Perfect Hole
It is a specific instrument for the users of plasma cutting plants, which allows performing the high-quality hole cutting; that technology has been developed with the collaboration of two outstanding technological partners of Promotec: Libellula (for the software) and Thermal Dynamics (for the plasma source) and applied on two models of the K series implemented by Promotec (the KOMPACT Series and the Super KOMPACT Series). One of the most important issues in the plasma cutting technology is the hole quality, especially when they must be used for mechanical couplings. The solutions adopted until now on the market need huge investments in vertical equipment needing plasma sources, dedicated Numerical Controls and software.

The main advantages in the use of PERFECT HOLE
  • High-quality hole cutting
  • Cutting of fixing holes with controlled taper, allowing the piece assembly immediately after cutting without additional machining
  • Cutting of holes on carbon steel with a 1:1 thickness-diameter ratio on material thicknesses from 5 to 25 mm.
  • User friendliness, thanks to a smart software architecture and a complete database, automatically with one click.
  • Automatic parameter adjustment according to the type of material, thickness and hole diameter.

Efficient fume suction

ClevAIR is instead the instrument for the automatic management and the optimization of the suction of fumes deriving from the thermal cutting of the sheet metal, both using plasma torches and fibre laser. Currently, all suction systems of dusts and fumes, generated in the use of laser, plasma and oxygen-cutting machines are sized to operate efficiently in the most unfavourable situation of the machining cycle. In all other cases, the configured plant will be certainly oversized. They estimate that a cutting machine does not work in the harshest condition more than 10% of the total cycle time on average. It results that, for at least 90% of the machining time, the plant is wasting resources under many aspects. ClevAIR springs from the experience of two technological partners of Promotec, Libellula (for the software) and Tama (for the suction system). ClevAIR allows modulating the suction power in compliance with the real need induced by the thermal cutting, drastically reducing energy wastes, the wear of components and noise by at least 80% of the operation time of the plant. The great experience of Promotec in the thermal process of sheet metal cutting, using both the laser and plasma technology, has allowed the implementation of ClevAIR In fibre laser cutting plants of the X series (XDREAM and XBASE models).

The advantages of ClevAIR

Electrical consumptions – 70%*
Compressed air consumption -70%*
Wear of filtering elements -70%*
Thermal consumptions -50%*
Noise -90%*

* Data concerning detections carried out by Tama SpA on a 3.5Kw laser plant