The new frontiers of presses tending


Thanks to its know-how and over thirty years of activity, Asservimenti Presse responds to the market by focusing on continuous innovation and proposing technological solutions with high added value, designed and implemented to create value and competitiveness to its customers, located in over 20 countries worldwide.

With over 3,000 plants installed in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, Asservimenti Presse boasts a consolidated experience in the design and construction of a series of automations, i.e. feeding lines dedicated to sheet metal forming machines. Technologies capable of gaining positive acclaim all over the world, supporting the production of important companies operating in various sectors.

Our production of tending lines – says the technical-commercial manager, ing. Ottavio Albini – can be divided into three macro families. The traditional lines, compact lines and machines dedicated to servo-presses“.

From small to large thickness, of various materials

More in detail, traditional feeding lines generally consist of three machines (reel, straightener and feeder) used for fast presses (about 100 to 300 strokes per minute) or for delicate materials (stainless steel, pre-painted and so on), to process thicknesses between 0.5 and 12 mm. The compact lines, on the other hand, consist of single or double reels and electronic feed straighteners, and are characterized by the ability to handle thicknesses up to 14-18 mm and widths from 200 to 2,000 mm.

Complete with tape insertion system – detects ing. Albini – our compact lines brilliantly solve the problem of feeding presses in extremely small spaces“.

The electronic feeding straighteners also, thanks to the wolf-opening head that allows the cleaning of the rollers, facilitates the introduction of the material and the release of the belt for the centering of the pilots, represent the ideal solution for large thicknesses.

The power supply systems for servo presses – observes Eng. Albini – are designed to enslave to perfection and with high automation and flexibility different types of materials such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum, in thicknesses normally between 0.5 and 12 mm“.

Strengthened by the deep know-how acquired, Asservimenti Presse also manufactures electronic feed straighteners with electronic pilot release, which allow to completely free the material through a numerical control system.

Top performance and quality

In a constantly evolving market, where process optimization plays a decisive role in terms of continuity, even sheet metal supply lines must push the foot of innovation, trying to intercept new operational frontiers.

I’ve noticed how the presses have now reached important speeds,” says Eng. Albini – it is essential to minimize production downtime, one of which is coil changing. In response to this need, we have managed to create a line that carries out this procedure in a few minutes, effectively increasing production capacity“.

Asservimenti Presse has achieved this objective by using large diameter unwinding reels (to reduce the number of coil changes), double reels (to allow the change in masked time) and by adopting an automatic threading system that brings the strip into the feeder.

In this way – concludes Eng. Albini – it is possible to achieve with a molding line performances comparable, if not superior, to those achievable with the profiling lines, relying however on a lower piece cost and, without doubt, on a processed product of a much higher final quality”.

Company overview

Asservimenti Presse was born in 1989 from the thirty-year experience of its founding members. It has always invested energy and resources in the design and construction of automations dedicated to sheet metal forming machines. Today the production mainly concerns unwinding reels, straighteners, feeders, coil length cutting machines, transfers, manipulators, all available in numerous variants. Their development is managed entirely within the company, at the headquarters in Massalengo (LO): from the design of the electrical part, to the mechanics up to assembly, final assembly and after-sales service. An intense activity that also involves the increasingly complex and equally valued part of management and software interface, in step with the industry requirements 4.0. Specialized in the automation of presses, the company manufactures servo lines with reels up to 25 ton capacity with external diameter up to 2,000 mm, able to work with belts with a maximum width of 2,000 mm and thicknesses up to 14 mm.