The eT-Hover-loop turns the world upside down


The vacuum lifting devices in the eT-Hover-loop series by the vacuum specialist EuroTECH Vertriebs GmbH are used for lifting and turning vacuum-tight, flat loads such as glass panes, sheet metal and plastic or wooden boards. They add a turning function to the eT-Hover product range.

The eT-Hover product range combines simultaneously pivoting and rotating lifting devices with simpler models offering one of the two motions only. It also features devices designed specifically for transporting loads horizontally or vertically. The eT-Hover-loop series adds a 180° turn to this pool of useful functions.

Loads are not always delivered in the right position: often, panels must be turned manually. This requires at least two employees. The eT-Hover-loop makes 180° turns easy. It saves your employees’ strength, protects their backs and makes their work safer. Process loads fast and effectively, even if they are delivered in the wrong position.

An ergonomically shaped operating handle is used to control the eT-Hover-loop. All main functions are directly incorporated in the operating handle. The vacuum is generated by a vacuum pump with an integrated non-return valve, a vacuum reservoir and two solenoid valves for controlling the suction and aeration functions. An air blower lets you detach the loads effortlessly. In smaller devices with a maximal load of 250 kg, a linear actuator performs the 180° turn. Larger devices in the eT-Hover-loop range use a gear motor. Some of the vacuum lifting devices in the eT-Hover-loop series are equipped with integrated batteries and can be operated without a mains connection for a certain amount of time.

The basic unit of the eT-Hover-loop devices has a modular structure and can be adapted specifically to the customers’ needs. It can be expanded to a maximal length of 8 metres. The eT-Hover-loop series devices have movable cross beams and suction plates, allowing them to be adapted precisely to individual needs.

The eT-Hover-loop-250 can turn flat loads with a weight of up to 250 kg and dimensions of up to 3 x 2 metres. With the eT-Hover-loop-500, you can turn flat loads weighing up to 500 kg. They can be up to 14 metres long and 1.6 metres wide. Multiple security and warning systems designed in accordance with DIN EN 13155 prevent operation errors and hazards.