EuroBLECH Hall 11 – Stand G77

Suspended laser cutting


The exclusive Dallan Powersort system for laser cutting machines, thanks to two opposite grippers keeping the material tensioned, allows the suspended cutting with several advantages in the production and quality of finished products. This innovative technology guarantees the fully automated separation and sorting of finished products.

Furthermore, the disposal of the scraps is simplified as well: without the material supports (as traditional systems), the scraps fall down into the dedicate container. In this way big scraps are quickly eliminated as well as the skeleton scrap. Another advantage regards the quality of the operations and finished products: the suspended cutting doesn’t need supporting beds because the material is kept in tension reducing the vibration during the cutting and eliminating the flashback. This event happens when the head cuts through the material at the point of contact with the bed and it leaves a mark like a small dark burn. Dallan Powersort system is suitable for the processing of thin gauge materials, starting from 0,15mm un to 2mm and up to 1500mm wide. This technology is compatible with all Dallan laser cutting systems LXN.