Surface textures or embossing 2D/3D


ML Engraving has announced that its exclusive 2D/3D and Micro laser grain textures have obtained the Certificate for excellence in material development and have been selected by an international jury to be included in the Material library of Material ConneXion, consulting studio with offices in the United States, in Europe and Asia, which helps companies in satisfying the innovation need, searching out materials and processes worldwide. Its Library groups the widest selection of advanced materials and processes. The catalogue of textures by ML Engraving has been shipped to all international sites of Material ConneXion, that’s to say New York, Bangkok, Beijing, Colonia, Daegu, Istanbul, Milan, Seoul, Shanghai, Skövde and Tokio.
The surface textures or embossing, as they are often defined, have captured the attention of styling centres and designers as the new frontier of the product design. Colours and shapes make now room for textures as distinguishing element of a high-quality manufactured good. Material ConneXion has recognized in 2D/3D and in Micro laser grains textures the capability of giving added value to the finished product. The textures by ML Engraving are engraved with laser technology, an innovative technology with enormous applicative potentialities. ML Engraving has then developed the digital D.R.E (Design rendering Engineering) process that allows the direct interfacing of the style centre with texture designers and with the technical department of the company for the texture definition and its mapping on the Cad file of the mould. Thanks to this working system, ML Engraving can develop any creative idea; engrave 3D textures (natural, geometric, artistic); reduce productive cycle times (because the texture is simultaneously processed with the mould making); eliminate distances thanks to the digital work that allows working in real time while sharing any information, modification or preview; finally, it can guarantee the precise repeatability of the texture and engrave welded moulds.