Hall 13 – Stand B134

Solutions to keep your work under control


The Italian Rivit’s CONTROLRIV is the system that helps users to monitor rivet nuts and blind rivets assembling operations. The system is connected to the riveting tools, and according to the predetermined settings made by the operator, the work of the tool is monitored in real time in order to avoid mistakes and deactivations; the results are improved productivity, higher standard of work and reduced waste. The system features a display, easy-to-understand procedures and a PC interaction program to set up and control activities in a few steps. Work monitoring is supported by stored set batches data and by all check activities, either with positive or negative results. The Basic Model works with tools for rivet nuts RIV938, RIV939, RIV941, RIV949 and RIV916B, and with tools for blind rivets RIV503, RIV504, RIV505, RIV508, RIV511B and RIV300.