Hall 13 – Stand E141

Smart managing and storing of sheet metal plates


Sideros Engineering has been operating in more than 52 countries worldwide for over 35 years in the field of metal plate fabrication. Today Sideros operates from 3 main locations: Italy (Headquarter), USA (Chicago) and Germany (Stuttgart). Sideros success is due particularly to the high quality of its products and to its constant commitment to R&D, custom production and design. These unique features allows Sideros’ customers to rely on a single supplier for a wide range of equipment related to the plate fabrication, in particular to ease and make more efficient welding, cutting and storage processes of metal plates. Today Sideros Engineering is focused on 4 main business units: extraction and filtration of fumes and dusts generated by thermal cutting and welding, Material Storage, in particular for sheet metal, bars and tubes, Welding Positioners and Special machines. In particular, Sideros has developed 2 types of automatic storage systems: paziomatic “sheet metal” and Spaziomatic “tubes, pipes and bars”. The first one, It has been conceived and designed to store in drawers several packs of sheet metal. Through the aid of the elevator, actuated by gearmotors and chains, the packs are quickly handled from the inside of the structure, to the unloading bay of the storage system and vice versa. Sheets sizes available: 1250 x 2500 mm to 2000 x 6000 mm. Spaziomatic “tubes, pipes and bars” is the latest innovation in the Sideros product range. It is proposed in 2 configurations: single tower with frontal elevator, double tower with central elevator. Both configurations can be equipped with front/rear load and unloading bays. Max bar and tubes length: 8000 mm. In addition to that, Sideros Engineering engineers and manufactures standard and customized products in particular: dust collectors for welding and cutting fumes, downdraft tables and automation for laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines, 3 axes and head and tailstock welding positioners, deburring tumblers and straightening presses.