Salvagnini: a bending press adaptive to different materials


The B3.ATA press brake has been upgraded with numerous automated devices that make it adaptive and able to react to the different materials, products while also offering entirely autonomous operation, in accordance with Salvagnini‘s Industry 4.0 concept. B3.ATA it is a “Kinetic” machine, being entirely electrically driven, meaning consumption levels are remarkably low and hence running costs are also kept to a minimum. Being a 4.0 press brake it is designed for a seamless connection with its surrounding production system, like in the case of the FMC FlexCell, and even with the world outside: for example, it can be monitored remotely via your smartphone. B3.ATA is also “Kitable” handling the production of parts for kits, whether integrated into an FMC or used as a standalone machine, thanks to the ATA (Automatic Tool Adjuster) flexible tool set-up system via which it can set itself up and adapt to suit the part to be produced, making up time and, consequently, improving production efficiency in the bending of both batch one and parametric parts. High levels of accuracy and repeatability are actually achieved with the aid of the Angle Measurement System (AMS) and so-called SCrowning system. The former enables the material to be bent to the correct angle, while the latter keeps this angle consistent along the full length of the bend.

Lamiera 2017 HALL 15 STAND D36