EuroBLECH Hall 13 – Stand B38

Revolutionary solution in the field of guiding pillars for dies


Intercom is a manufacturer of guiding elements for dies since more than 35 years, who has always been interested and focused in technology and customers’ problem solving. This exclusive new solution is a pillar with an “easy inlet” that permits to simplify long and complicated operations of tool maintenance (assembling and disassembly of the tool plates). The very particular radius of the inlet has been studied and patented to avoid the fixing of the plates during the opening and closing tool operations while maintenance. Therefore, these working steps get easy and those expensive dead times are deeply reduced. The new pillars N930 have already a huge success among customers that enjoyed a better way of working and decided to replace the pillars in the old tools as well. The assembling dimensions are in fact according to the standard guiding pillars ISO standard, which Intercom produces since the beginning of its activity as well.