EuroBLECH Hall 12 – Stand B146

Real and virtual trip between bending cells, laser cutting machines, punches and storages


Prima Power presence at the EuroBLECH 2018 is perfectly in line with the official motto of the exhibition: “Step into the digital reality”. Prima Power stand is designed to let visitors live a new and engaging experience thanks to a unique mix of real and digital worlds. Highly realistic VR simulations complete the real demonstrations on exhibited products, allowing visitors to live an immersive journey to discover all capabilities and benefits of the most advanced laser and sheet metal technologies. All Prima Power innovations showcased on the 1400 m2 stand in Hannover are designed for digital manufacturing and are the perfect combination of technologies and software for the automated production. The innovative robot bending cell, which includes the BCe Smart panel bender and the eP-0520 press brake, is presented as world premiere. Also the solutions of The Laser line are new products showcased for the first time at an exhibition: the new 3D fiber laser system Laser Next 2141, with its wide working envelope and its different configurations, and the 2D fiber laser cutting machine Laser Genius 1530, with the automatic stacking robot LST and the Combo Tower storage. The punching / fiber laser cutting system Combi Genius 1530 is presented with a new solution which simplifies the installation and the maintenance of the machine and with the loading/unloading system Compact Express. The flexible manufacturing line PSBB – Punching, Shearing, Buffering, Bending – with the PCD (Picking & Centering Device) system processes blank sheets from an automatic storage into ready-bent, high-quality components automatically. The perfect combination of technologies that is at the base of Prima Power solutions is made possible thanks to the smart software family which connects machines, monitors the entire production flow, and generates automatic processes from the order to the delivery. All products are Industry 4.0 Inside and set new industrial standards for efficiency and process reliability.