New Process and Technology Center for customers


Heru and Schuler install servo press line in Lennestadt to optimize complete production processes.
Bild1Before a press can go into operation, the intended forming dies first have to go through a tryout process. Ideally, this should be conducted on an identical press line so that production can begin soon after the new press has been assembled. At the new Process and Technology Center “ProTec” opened last Thursday by HERU Werkzeugbau in Lennestadt‐Grevenbrück, a Schuler servo press offers exactly this possibility. The opening ceremony was attended by around 250 visitors – mostly part suppliers for the automotive industry.
“The new Process and Technology Center is a unique example of cooperation between press and die manufacturers,” states Markus Hesse, Managing Director of the 50‐man German company which specializes in the construction of compound, deep drawing and transfer toolings. “In collaboration with Schuler, we can now help our clients achieve an efficient and safe production process.”
“This can only succeed if all components and processes – from the press and toolings to the automation and peripheral components – work smoothly together,” adds Schuler’s Managing Director Jochen Früh. “Our involvement with ProTec demonstrates that we not only offer perfectly coordinated production lines as a systems supplier, but that we can optimize the entire production process in cooperation with our

Bild3In addition to a coil line, Schuler has also equipped its MSD 630 press line with 630 metric tons of force and ServoDirect Technology with its innovative IntraTrans: a new type of transfer with movable carriages mounted on rails which enable the production of larger parts. Schuler has also completely revised the design of its monoblock servo press with a free‐standing noise insulation enclosure which gives the line a much more modern appearance.

Training room for 50
Housed in its own special hall, the press line will be used by HERU for die tryout and optimizing, as well as for tests, start‐up and alternate production. However, the company will not be producing parts itself on the line and thus not acting as a contract manufacturer. Moreover, the servo press can be booked for demonstration and training purposes. A special seminar room with space for 50 persons has also been set up. Several bookings for the current year have already been received for the hall, which can also be used for events. Moreover, a dedicated display area showcases the other systems and process partners of ProTec, including Profil Verbindungstechnik, Fibro, DE‐STA‐CO, unidor, Güthle, Raziol and Gerb.