Hybrid-technology press brakes fully made in Italy


Precise, dynamic and silent, the series of hybrid press brakes by Gade can combine versatility, performances and a significant energy saving. Differentiating elements that, together with a high quality standard, characterize a fully made in italy product, conceived and manufactured to meet the most various requirements.

Quality, innovation and passion represent for Gade the key elements on which the company has based its growth, leading it to rank on the market of sheet metal working machines as one of the most qualified manufacturers in the sector, with almost forty years of experience behind. An entrepreneurial challenge started in 1980, lapse of time during which the commitment lavished for the unceasing product improvement has not changed. Constant is the technological evolution, today resulting in the accomplishment of various product lines: electronically synchronized hydraulic press brakes; electrical press brakes; hydraulic guillotine shears; special applications and robotic cells.

Mr Andrea Lazzari, engineer, member and managing director of Gade at Cologna (FE).

«InnovationAndrea Lazzari, engineer, member and managing director explainsmeans for us constant improvement of our machines and of our technicians, trying to anticipate the market’s requirements and introducing systems able to assure a competitive edge. Only in this way we can grant the high qualitative standards that characterize an all-Italian product». Besides the quality ISO 9001 and environmental ISO 14001 systems, both certified by TÜV SUD, the company designs in its research and development department and in-house produces at the manufacturing unit at Cologna (FE), managing and coordinating the entire process, up to the final testing and installation. Operational course followed also for the development of the range of performing and silent Hybrid SPC-H press brakes.

Low consumptions, high productivity and utmost precision

Detail of front automatic supports managed by CNC (to be combined with the use of the hemming bench).

Gade manufactures hybrid press brakes in a broad range of sizes, from the smallest one, able to supply 95-ton force with 2,500 mm table length to the 445-ton version, with 4,200 mm table length. The operational principle of these machines is based on a cylinder control system carried out through two independent groups composed by brushless motor and by a reversible internal gear pump. «This system– Mr Lazzari explains – provides important operational benefits. First, it determines a significant energy saving achieved by the low consumption of brushless motors that, it is worth underlining it, remain in operation just during the work cycle. The total absence of directional proportional valves allows completely eliminating the oil heating and, consequently, using just a very small quantity of it, without any need of mounting the heat exchanger».

The use of brushless motors for the direct control of pumps, together with linear micrometric transducers, assures not only high bending precision but also a very fast process. A technological innovation that enables a consistent reduction of electric consumptions, estimated by even 40%, depending on the model chosen, besides a decrease of the overall cycle times and, therefore, a productivity rise by at least 30%. «The higher bending speed – Mr Lazzari further adds– is also due to the adoption of Iris system by LazerSafe, standard equipment on the whole range. Such system allows the speed change up to “zero” mm from the sheet metal, with the possibility of bending, according to the angular speed of the sheet metal while bending, with a linear speed that can reach 20 mm/s. This means better dynamics and shorter idle times». Moreover, the standard configuration includes also the active hydraulic crowning, that is to say managed by power unit, depending on the flexion of the lower t-table (performed with sandwich system) and/or of the top beam. This system grants the highest precision and uniformity of the bending angle along the entire workpiece length. Moreover, each Gade press brake can also be equipped with a wireless control console, able to facilitate the operator’s work. The console maintains all control characteristics but without bulky cables in the working area. Such accessory, equipped with a fast-recharge extractable battery with high autonomy, is a more and more precious and reliable device to increase productivity, assuring speed and simple motion of the operator from one point to the other of the machine. «Moreover– Mr Lazzari adds– the energy saving benefit is achieved because the electric motor of the hydraulic unit, directly managed by the machine Numerical Control, is in operation only for the time strictly needed to start the crowning».

“4.0 ready” press brakes

The process management of Hybrid press brakes, which can control up to 16 axes, is entrusted to the graphic CNC with 21″ multi-touchscreen.

All Hybrid press brakes by Gade are equipped, still as standard, also with rapid manual clamping of the punch (with hidden mechanical lever), table (die) matrix (with very reduced width), sliding backgauge finger stops (with positioning at the front machine side and locking brake), front laser beam protection system and support clamps with manual adjustment, intermediate clamps (100, 150, 250 and on demand up to 500 mm), suitable for the execution of deep boxes. «Already complete devices –Mr Lazzari further explains– that can be further enriched by some accessories to satisfy the most different requirements. Choosing, for instance, an ATF-L type Cartesian multi-axis backgauge, additional backgauge fingers with contact LEDs, pneumatically operated retractable rear supports». Then, it is also possible to add the integrated hemming bench (pneumatically operated opening, managed by CNC), to be combined with automatic front supports (still managed by CNC), pneumatic die clamping, front sheet followers (still managed by CNC) and the real-time bending angle control through Data M system. The management of the process of these machines, which can control up to 16 axes, is entrusted to the graphic CNC with 9”/21” multi-touchscreen.

«All presses of Hybrid series– ends Mr Lazzari – can be supplied ready and configured according to the requisites demanded by Industry 4.0, with a conformity declaration released by a primary certification Body». Finally, Production Tracer, software still supplied by Gade, supports the digital management; it can provide a multitude of data and information concerning the process (from consumptions to cycle times and so on).

From design to product, fully made in Italy

Almost forty years of experience in the design and manufacturing of sheet metal working machines, with a constant improvement of the product quality and an attentive widespread customer service have led Gade to play a relevant role among the best Italian manufacturers in the sector. Corporate growth and expansion made possible by the proposal of reliable, sturdy and high precision machines, fully made-in-Italy. The technological innovation of Gade stems in fact at its production plant at Cologna (FE). Passion and dedication lavished by a skilled staff of over 30 employees who manage the entire manufacturing process. Starting from the design phase, coordinated by the research and development office (where five qualified technicians work), until the manufacturing and assembling stages. The sturdy structure of machines, opportunely sized, is implemented by using performing machine tools. The machining of all components is carried out on state-of-the-art moving-column boring machines, thus granting utmost precision. Coating is fully accomplished at Gade, too, inside a modern environment-friendly plant (exclusively water-based paints are used, for the utmost environment protection). Electric panel are still in-house designed and assembled, with components by primary companies to assure high performances and outstanding reliability in time.