Company trends

Hoffmann Group continues its growth


Sede Hoffmann MonacoThe Hoffmann Group has once against posted a record turnover. The group of companies increased its turnover by around 10 million Euros from 960 million Euros in 2012 to a figure more than 970 million Euros. The main reasons were winning increased market share in Germany and successful internationalisation.
“Although global economic activity in the past year provided little by way of a tailwind, we succeeded once again in growing our turnover from the 2012 levels”, emphasised Bernhard Dressler, Managing Director of Hoffmann GmbH Qualitätswerkzeuge. “These outstanding results are an incentive to us to pursue our growth path further this year and achieve a turnover that exceeds the 1 billion Euro mark.” The success was based on product innovations for GARANT, the in-house premium brand, which last year were presented at “Control” in Stuttgart and at the EMO in Hanover. “We showed there that we can set market trends by attractive innovations. In addition to our products, our employees, who number around 2,500, have also made a critical contribution to this success. Our employees are the key to the unique combination of our trading, manufacturing and service competence for quality tools”, says Dressler.