Handshake between Meusburger and CNOS-FAP in Italy

A moment of the presentation phases of the works intended for the competition “Masterpieces by professional sectors” of Cnos-Fap.

Last summer the Austrian supplier of normalized steels and steels for the industrial sectors of dies and die casting laid solid foundations for an agreement with the “Federazione del Centro per le opere salesiane – Formazione e aggiornamento professionale” (Cnos-Fap) (Federation of the Centre for Salesian Works – Professional education and updating) of the religious order founded by don Giovanni Bosco. The company’s partnership with Cnos-Fap is actually already well consolidated, due also to the collaboration for the material supply on the occasion of the sixth edition of the competition “Capolavori dei settori professionali – Meccanica industriale” (Masterpieces by professional sectors – Industrial engineering) culminated last year in the official awarding of the works submitted by students in all Italy to the San Zeno Institute in Verona. And on the other hand, among the activity scenarios on which Meusburger is more decidedly staking there is just the education of young arms and brains that will join industry. «We strongly believe in the possible cooperation with Cnos-Fap», stated representatives of the Wolfurt Company during a recent event held at the headquarters in the outskirts of Constance Lake, «offering both our materials like plates and our expertise, providing training also for the teachers of moulds, dies and design, especially for specialization courses held in the fourth year».
The handshake occurred in Austrian territory will therefore find concrete application in Italy and the first question to be answered is the choice of the Salesian Institute from which to start. The Federation is present on the territory with 60 operating sites in 20 regions and at the time when we are going to press, the Fossano pole and, slightly favoured, the Sesto San Giovanni pole, in Milan province, are vying for the starting of the partnership. On the medium-long term, however, the proposal is likely to be extended to the centres of the whole Peninsula. The starting idea is the realization of basic courses on the knowledge of steels, their behaviour and their peculiarities. The Meusburger sale team manager for our Country, Louis Andre Lilla, on the point, while we are writing, of moving to the American State of North Carolina to consolidate the United States business of the brand managing a new structure, has anyway extended the range of action. He has therefore hypothesized some stage opportunities for the students of the Salesian Federation, provided that guys already master at least the English language. On the other hand, Meusburger can take advantage of the opportunity of entering schools with its own brand and catalogue, thus gaining higher and more generalized visibility. And if the motto that has inspired the ultra-secular history of the order is «intelligence in hands», in the opinion of Lilla that intelligence will always find application possibilities in industry: «Until plastic will exist», he said, «there will be employment». Concerning the opinions of the representatives of the Cnos-Fap Federation, the president don Mario Tonini expressed his satisfaction: «With the collaboration of a primary company in a driving sector for industry», stated Tonini, «we create a suggestive working hypothesis to devise a project that is currently unequalled. It is an added value for Italy and a possible answer to crisis and unemployment. I was impressed by the attention to training and by the investments lavished in it by Meusburger, as well as the excellent technical level and, naturally, the strong appurtenance sense. It is a steeply rising business, as witnessed by the scheduled widening of their structures and, for a Salesian, agreement means happiness, because it lets us glimpse new employment opportunities for youth».