Grices Hydraulic Cylinders. ISO hydraulic cylinders since 1978


40 years of experience in the oleo dynamic sector and elevated quality control of the product is what makes possible for the Italian based Grices Hydraulic Cylinders to deliver its hydraulic cylinders to their customers worldwide. The high quality standard production of the ISO Hydraulic Cylinders is inherited from the experience acquired in the production of the custom hydraulic cylinders during the years. Quality and customer assistance is the key of Grices products and the knowledge makes the difference. Grices produces in it’s Italian headquarters and distributes in Italy and worldwide ISO 6020/2, 6020/1, 6022 hydraulic cylinders (bore up to 400 mm, stroke up to 4.000 mm, pressure up to 80 MPa), short stroke and welded cylinders. In addition, they distribute seal kits and accessories, offering competitive solutions for OEM applications, distributors and final customers. Tests are carried out on 100% of the cylinders produced and the digital and paper archive counts more than 45.000 orders to guarantee their customers a complete traceability of the production and delivery process. These high quality standards are offered at the right price and the professional customer service provides flexibility and assistance in the proposal of the most suitable technical solutions. Their online configurator completes the service. Its user-friendly interface makes the cylinder’s code creation and the download of the drawings in 2D, 3D and PDF a simple process; it is also possible to immediately receive the quote and the delivery schedule. When the order is finalized through the online configurator an extra discount is applied. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Grices offers its customers a discount of 4.0% on online orders. Sign up on the website, to receive the promo code and celebrate with us!