Case history

From rolling to slitting, all in-house


The possibility of managing autonomously the copper and aluminium machining allows a company to approach the market with extreme flexibility. An added value in which slitting lines can even more increase competitiveness, both in terms of productivity and of finished product quality.

Detail of the new slitting line with capacity of machining strips up to 1,600 mm width.

Specialized in the production of non-ferrous metals, Framiva Metalli starts its history in 1975, at first operating as trade consulting company. Once attained the first positive results, it begins a progressive expansion course until 1983, year when it became fully operating in the wholesale metal trade. Managed by Giovanni Fraschina, founder of the company, and by his son Pietro, it represents a national and international reference point in the production of rolled aluminium, copper, brass and bronze rolled sections. Activity carried out in the factories at Besnate (VA) and Beura Cardezza (VB). And it is just at Beura Cardezza that we met Pietro Fraschina, to take stock of the present and future situation of a reality that today avails itself of the precious contribution of around seventy skilled workers, for a turnover amounting to about 50 million Euros. «Turnover – specifies Fraschina – destined beyond the borders by 40%, constantly rising percentage, prevailingly in Europe, which anyway witnesses the appreciation of our products in other continents, too. Today we supply in fact different Countries one another: from Russia to Turkey, from Morocco to United Arab Emirates, without neglecting the most “traditional” European ones like Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain ».


View of the slitting line able to work strips up to 1,250 mm in thicknesses included between 0.1 and 2.0 mm.

A high-quality production manufactured with performing and always state-of-the-art plants and machines, among which Euroslitter solutions stand out. The company headquartered at Dolzago (LC), specialized in the development of slitting lines, packaging and handling lines, cut-to-length lines – rotary shears, has in fact shared with Framiva the most significant growth steps, with the installation of an important machine fleet. «A machine fleet – adds Fraschina – that allows us to attack our target markets with high-quality machining, without neglecting the productive rapidity and the best operational flexibility». Automotive, lighting (among which outdoor aluminium ceiling lights stand out), household appliances (for instance, anodized filters for kitchens) and household goods (for instance manufacturing aluminium disks that then become pans, squares then transformed into trays and so on.) are some of the sectors where the products and semi-finished products implemented find applications, without forgetting electrical transformers, for which the company produces aluminium and copper strips, ambit that today represents a value amounting to about 60-70% of the production. «The constant technological updating – adds Fraschina – allows us anyway to explore new segments, too; last but not least, the possibility of machining also big thicknesses of copper. All that thanks to the purchase of a new Euroslitter slitting line planned last year and operating from some months by now».


Example of finished rewound strip with 150 inner spindle diameter 150, thickness 0.18 mm.

More in detail, until today they are 7 the Euroslitter slitting lines purchased by Framiva Metalli in the course of the years. Equipment that permits the machining of material with widths from a minimum of 400 up to a maximum of 1,600 mm, with thicknesses ranging from 0.10 to 15 mm. «Until last year – narrates Fraschina himself – our productive capacity allowed machining maximum widths of 1.250 mm, while with the new slitting line, operating for some months, we can reach even 1,600 mm. But even more important is the possibility of succeeding in cutting thicknesses equal to 100 microns, in total safety and with unexceptionable product quality». The new slitting line supplied by Euroslitter can boast an interesting technological peculiarity: the interchangeability of spindles. An opportunity that further enhances flexibility and precision. «But it is not –Fraschina further explains– the only technological plus». The management and the designers of Euroslitter have in fact accepted the precise specifications that Framiva Metalli has set up, according to the deep experience gained and, most of all, in compliance with the growth requirements in the market. «This means – adds Fraschina – also in-line flanging, as well as the possibility of executing the strip deburring, still in-line, at very high speeds». Low and high thicknesses, then, without quality compromises for the finished product, taking into account that the production capacity exceeds one thousand tons per month, to which we must mandatorily add a high availability in stock. Flexible and performing, the new slitting line installed, besides being unique on the market (since designed and developed upon precise specifications of the customer) is coupled with a new 1,600 mm rolling mill, in the accomplishment phase, which is expected to start operating before the year end. The new rolling mill completes the 3 already functioning (400, 600 and 1,300 mm), coupled with as many slitting lines. Equipment that includes also 2 flattening lines (one measuring 1,250 x 2 and the other 1,500 x 3 under construction), a Tension Leveller, it too under construction, with delivery in 2014 (Euroslitter), in addition to presses for disks, flat bar flanging, strip and coil annealing furnaces.


«The target is of ranking in Europe– adds Fraschina – as a reference point for the high-quality machining of non-ferrous materials, where specialization, flexibility and fast delivery will certainly prevail, excluding the purely economic war that is not part of our growth strategies». A specialization level generally in constant improvement and that over the last few years has acted as main and natural deterrent for both Italian and international competitors. And if the market in general still shows some suffering signs, the strategic choices of renewal and constant technological enlargement have involved the particular commitment of the top management of the Beura Cardezza company. «Our goal has always been – underlines Fraschina – investing in quality and technology. Only in this way we can consolidate our position on the market, in a scenario that, despite the difficult business trend, has paradoxically influenced our internal dynamics positively». From rolling to treatments, to cutting, Framiva Metalli can manage in full autonomy the whole productive process, without depending on external suppliers. And, fundamental aspect, all that for two different materials such as copper and aluminium. An added value that sees the company to follow a strategy that, in short, might be summarized as follows: “thinking as producer, acting as service centre”. «Also brass – ends Fraschina – represents an interesting opportunity for us, where we are committed to the production of solutions dedicated to bathroom accessories. In any case, irrespective of copper, aluminium, brass or bronze, our target consists in choosing some market niches that, if on one hand allow us to diversify, on the other hand they show interesting solutions to gain a wider and wider customer panel. This means the possibility of looking at the future with greater tranquillity, planning new investments in technology and new engagements ».


Today Framiva Metalli is specialized in the machining of strips, disks and sheet metals and in the marketing of extruded and drawn components in aluminium, brass, copper and bronze. Activity that, thanks to a forefront and performing machine fleet, results in the operating possibility of working the materials according to the specifications shown in the table.

Material Thicknesses Widths
Min Max Min Max
Aluminium 100 microns 15 mm 10 mm 1,600 mm
Copper 100 microns 10 mm 10 mm 1,250 mm
Brass 200 microns 5 mm 10 mm 1,000 mm