Supplier profile

Flexibility for export


Tecnopromec’s strong points are a vocation for research, innovation and versatility, offering automatized solutions for industrial sheet metal production all over the world, as part of the “High Flexibility Project”.

Designed to catch onto the flourishing export market, Tecnopromec is one of the companies involved in this adventure. Based in San Severino Marche, in the province of Macerata, they have ISO EN 9001:2008 certification and specialise in designing and constructing customised industrial productionlines with a high technology and innovation content. Over the last 20 years, the company has focussed on consolidating their strong position in the American market, picking up important orders in Mexico, Brazil and Australia. In 2013, the firm began expanding their sales network into Eastern Europe (Poland) and Russia. Thanks to their positive experience despite the current global economic crisis, Tecnopromec strongly believes that there is a single factor at the root of success for an Italian firm abroad: «Italian industry must undergo structural reorganisation».


The metallurgy and mechanics sector must start to offer globalised services, without losing touch with the soul of Italian entrepreneurship – the ability to offer high quality products capable of meeting the highest standards requested on the market. By investing strongly in innovation, research and development, flexibility and of course communications, we can promote our business and overcome the disadvantages of being located in a territory where industrial activities are severely penalised. Tecnopromec designs and innovates on a daily basis, constructing non-standard profiling lines destined for use in sectors such as road safety, constructions, energy and steel-working processes. In these and their other reference sectors, innovation and flexibility are the two key requirements. The High Flexibility Project (HFP) covers all the essential phases of producing machinery: from the creative design phase, through to constructing the system. Once mounted, the finished product can profile, cut to measure and punch, all in the same profiling line and at the same time, leading to considerable savings in time and production costs. The process is automatic for all product types, allowing us to achieve great business results with a single machine, leaving our resources free for other production phases. Tecnopromec’s client support activities are equally important, and the company take care of all the stages of production, from start-up, installation and testing, through to assistance and remote assistance and staff training.

Focused on customisation

When constructing the systems, the choice of materials, advanced heat treatments, high tech components and advanced design solutions are all the results of Tecnopromec’s constant research activities. Working in non-standard mode, each order requires an initial investment in research and development: «every order that we receive from our partners represents a request for specialisation for us». This means not only having the economic resources to invest, but above all having versatile human resources that are ready to get involved in the detail of every phase of constructing the system. From this point of view, the real research and development activities in Tecnopromec are prompted by the customisations requested by clients; what starts out as an innovation soon becomes part of the company know-how. Tecnopromec has invested heavily in human resources and the feedback that they can offer to clients and the company itself, in the profound conviction that nothing is stronger than the alliance between an entrepreneur and the new levers in all their sectors. The company’s future: to continue being a strong reference point for clients in creating their new businesses, and for everyone who hasn’t yet chosen Tecnopromec, the fast answer to their business needs. In fact, Tecnopromec systems, although they might look the same as others, always have that added extra that gives real added value for our clients.