EuroBlech/MG: innovative variable-geometry PH plate bending machines


mg-1PH is a complete line of 3-rolls hydraulic plate bending machines with variable geometry, studied by MG for bending big-thickness plates. In fact, positioning the lateral rolls at their biggest width, it is possible to bend bigger thicknesses than with conventional plate bending machines. Lower rolls can be translated horizontally and independently (with variable pitch) while the upper roll moves vertically. The variable geometry of MG plate bending machine grants great machine versatility, with always horizontal plate during the pre-bending phase (more safety for the operator) and with compact sizes (without foundations) in most cases. PH allows inclining the 3 rolls to machine conical shapes: finally an easy conical bending with big thicknesses. The PH line can machine steel plates from 20 mm to 200 mm of thickness.

Advantages of MG technology

Precision, speed and great bending performances (pre-bending and plate bending) are the advantages provided by the PH line. Two lateral rolls and the upper roll move independently, creating the specific necessary geometry for the machining and drastically reducing the rectilinear path of plate pre-bending. The possibility of inclining the 3 rolls makes PH the ideal machine for all conical operations.During the machining and pre-bending phase, the plate is always positioned horizontally, thus facilitating the handling and granting more safety.The PH design allows a low worktable, thus eliminating the costs of eventual foundations. Thanks to the upper roll that “works like a press “, pre-bending operations obtain a shorter straight trait compared to conventional plate bending machines. With the same pre-bending performance as a standard 3- or 4-roll machine, PH reaches almost the double of plate bending capacity. PH has the maximum thrust power, both in rotation and in translation.

EuroBlech Hall 12, Stand D104