EuroBlech/Gigant: hydraulic presses for metal stamping & sheet metal stamping


gigantGigant was founded in 1956 to manufacture hydraulic presses for sheet metal deformation and, since the beginning, it developed innovative solutions, including special hydraulic presses able to use dies of large dimensions (as in the automotive sector) & in the production of large quantities of formed pieces, ready to be used. Gigant Italia today produces several families of hydraulic presses, designed in different range of power from a minimum of 400 up to 30.000 kN, and featuring working tables over 5 meters, fitted with a number of accessories for the deformation and the cutting of metal sheets, the equipment to feed and or to handle the sheets. Gigant Italia is part of the Gigant Industries Group that operates in Italy and abroad.

Gigant Italia produces hydraulic presses for Metal stamping & sheet metal Stamping, production lines for the automotive, houseware, white goods, job shops and naval industry. The processes and technologies used, even using newer sheet metal alloys, are: deformation by molding, hydroforming, hot or cold gas-forming and hot-forming deformation. Moreover, the service office provides scheduled maintance services, machine revision, assistance, spare part & consumables and so on.

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