EuroBlech, Rivit: RIV606 and RIV616 double productivity, increase your safety


rivit-2Make efficiency automatic with RIV606 the automatic feeder for blind rivets, and RIV616 the automatic feeder for rivet nuts, and turn your riveting operations into a time-saving work. The reduction in the riveting time is an essential goal for the industrial activity, and this is very true in automotive. This is why Rivit projected a pneumatic/electric unit, that loads the rivet or the rivet nut directly on the head of the riveting tool: its use halves the installation time and eliminates, in the loading phase, the contact between the operator’s hand and the body of the fasteners, assuring more productivity and higher safety. RIV606 is an automatic feeder for standard blind rivets from d.2.4 to d.6.4 mm and it can be used with tools with mandrel suction, such as models RIV502/RIV503/RIV505. RIV616 is an automatic feeder for rivet nuts from M3 to M8 with cylindrical or hexagonal shank, with dome, reduced or countersunk head. RIV616 can be used with tools as RIV938, RIV912 and RIV942 model. The comprehensive range of our tools is illustrated on

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