“It’s cutting-edge technology, so what do you know about Industry 4.0?”


At the METAV 2018, a forum on sawing technology will be held for the first time on 20 February. It will be showcasing the latest developments and presenting applicationally relevant solutional approaches for simple single-blank cutting in a workshop environment all the way through to mass-production blank cutting. The VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), Stuttgart, is organising the Sawing Technology Applications Forum symposium. “We are purposefully aiming at fostering a dialogue between machinery and tool manufacturers and users,” emphasises Tim Mayer, Group Leader Sawing Technology at the IPA. In the three thematic blocks of sawing machines, sawing tools and process optimisation, the IPA and various market leaders from the sawing sector will be presenting applicationally relevant solutional approaches. The participants in the event will thus acquire an overview of current trends not only in the sawing processes themselves, but also in the tools used and in the manufacturing and automation processes involved. This will enable them to form a picture of the present status in terms of ongoing research while at the same time finding out from technology leaders what is already possible in entrepreneurial practice. In times of digitalisation and networking, the subject of Industry 4.0 must never be ignored, of course. The forum will accordingly also address the opportunities and options for sawing machines and the networking of downstream processes. Specialists and managers can in the Sawing Technology Forum at the METAV 2018 acquire an overview of the ongoing status in the field of sawing technology, and will be offered specific aids to decision-making and insights into the field of sawing technology.