Corporate Ethics – An ethical model for business success


Written by a manager who has tried and tested the proposed concepts in person, this book illustrates a leadership model centered on personal fulfillment in the workplace.

This ethical paradigm produces unexpected results when applied to the work context because it forges environments where people are willing players in a known and shared corporate design.

The core focus of this book is: ethical principles applied to corporate organization.

The author shows that these principles have always existed in society but were never seen from this standpoint. Now, ethical, philosophical and religious writings “reconsidered” from a new angle and their teachings prove the basis for a leadership model of sure success.

Improving people’s lives in the workplace makes a huge contribution towards the creation of a better world.

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The author, Sergio Casella

Sergio Casella graduated in Chemistry and pharmaceutical technology from Pisa University and has managed a leading pharmaceutical firm, secured numerous patents and written many scientific papers.  After gaining major experience in a large paper-making company, he became divisional president of an American multinational to further his growth. Since 2005, he has lectured on quality systems and quality certification on the Paper/ Cardboard Production and Production System Management Master course at Pisa University.