Hall 17 – Stand G41

CNC machines for sheet working


MECANUMERIC offers a new generation of CNC machine acclaimed by the industrial world. Its position is widely recognized in several markets: rapid prototyping, signs, models and design, various 3d machining and engraving. During EuroBLECH 2018, the French company and its German subsidiary will present MECAPRO, DMC II and MECAJET II ranges, versatile and performing CNC equipment made for sheet working. MECAPRO offers a wide variety of possibilities thanks to many sizes available, many options (4th axis, lubrification, suction noze, rotative tool shop. MECAJET II has been conceived for intensive use: it can cut soft materials with pure water (rubber, plastics, foam, leather…) and hard materials (metal, ceramic, glass, stone, composites…) with addition of abrasive. DMC II is the new machine of the company: with its travels (610 mm for X and 1200 for Y maximum according to options), the DMC II is designed for a wide variety of applications: metal engraving, precise machining, rapid prototyping. Especially designed to meet its customers’ requirements, the DMC II 6120 will be shown during EuroBLECH.