CECIMO will discuss access to finance during its next Meetings


94cc55852fThe CECIMO Spring meetings 2014 will be held in Prague from 21 to 24 June, under the theme “Access to finance”. These meetings include keynote speeches, a panel, testimonials and workshops, and the General Assembly is closing the event.

The Delegate are invited to search for exit strategies to overcome current challenges to financing in the machine tool business and to determine the foundations of ‘sustainable financing’ for our sector. We have planned a full programme which will tackle the following topics:

  • The impact of the world financial crisis and the euro zone crisis on the real industry in Europe. Public and market-based responses.
  • The impact of the finance shortage on the machine tool industry and its customer base: the viewpoint of machine tool manufacturers.
  • How to improve the access of European MT suppliers and customers to finance.
  • What role can CECIMO play to facilitate the access of MT and its customers to finance.

Guest experts are invited to represent the entire ecosystem for financing including the banking sector, financial markets, public authorities and industry. Here are some of the speakers: Frank Kohlenberger, DG Ecfin, European Commission, Marc D’Hooge, European Investment Bank, Rikardo Bueno, European Factories of the Future PPP Board, Karel Pubal, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Robert Fergusson, Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME), Alessandra Lanza, Prometeia S.p.a.and Hans-Joachim Dörr, TRUMPF Financial Services GmbH.

CECIMO Delegates Pier Luigi Streparava, President, Streparava S.p.A., René Panczuk, President, Dufieux Industrie, Frank Brinken, CEO, Starrag Group, and Antxon Lopez Usoz, Innovation & Development Manager, Danobat give testimonials about access to finance.

Download the CECIMO Spring Meetings 2014 full programme and the brochure on Prague, the venue and the social programme.