Euroblech/A.B.ESSE : monitoring the welding process of steel pipes


a-b-esseTDiM (Tube Defect in-line Monitor) system was created to meet and satisfy the demand of some pipe manufacturers to accurately control the welding process of steel pipes. Specifically, the subject of particular interest, is the weld bead. The purpose is to ensure an (additional) in-line quality control that allows the minimization of waste and complaints from end customers. Such a system may flank, with an innovative “white light“ (chromatic confocal multipoint technology) technology, so naturally complementary, to the established tools of these production lines, to determine and make immediately evident to the operators those parameters before not visible then not available, as the bead shape and the presence of particular faults (eg. mismatch, misalignment of flaps) and micro-defects (eg. micro-holes). The TDiM application uses a multipoint chromatic confocal sensor (not a laser) that allows you to inspect the seam line real-time, with an high-speed scanning (sample rate), bringing back the profile on a micrometer scale (accuracy ± 1 micron ). The TDiM software allows, in addition of the 2D and 3D display of tube profile, to set the parameters which overrun generates one or more error signals that can be sent simultaneously, through an analog-to-digital I/O system which is also part of the application, to line PLC. Furthermore, in conjunction with the signaling, the TDiM software can record the event (datalog function) on the internal hard drive support which can also be comfortably viewed at a later time, through the function of the software itself referred to as “post-process”.

EuroBlech, Hall 14, Stand L12