Amada Miyachi Europe offers LMWS Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System paired with 70 watt ML-7370D laser for welding dissimilar metals


AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE announces the availability of the LMWS Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System. Paired with the ML-7370D 70W pulsed fiber laser, the LMWS offers an advanced processing system ideal for welding dissimilar metals, including copper (Cu) to aluminum, aluminum to stainless steel (SS) and steel, and copper to stainless steel. The LMWS enables the joining of aluminum and copper battery tab material – reducing resistance and improving performance. It is also a good choice for Cu-SS thin sheet welding and plastic welding.

With the ML-7370D 70W pulsed fiber laser, more electrical energy is available for the newest generation of smaller, lighter, more cost-effective, and reliable battery packs used in hybrid and electric automobiles, motorcycles, buses, and heavy industrial vehicles, as well as hand-held power tools. By improving the electrical conductivity, the pack stays cooler during operation. This provides additional benefits to both pack performance and battery lifetime. Improving battery performance also lowers battery pack costs, because fewer batteries are required for a particular performance level. Weight and size of the pack is similarly positively influenced.

Tests have shown that the new high-speed fiber laser welding system works well for welding thin metals up to 250 microns thick. This is an ideal tab thickness for battery cans with wall thicknesses of 300-350 microns. The new technology features shorter pulses with a higher peak power than traditional laser options. The shorter pulse results in less mixing of materials, and hence less of an intermetallic zone and less brittleness with copper and aluminum tab materials.

The highly configurable, compact LMWS unit is designed for lean manufacturing. By simply changing the settings, this laser can also mark, engrave, cut, drill, and ablate thin materials. The versatile high-power, high-speed laser LMWS is available with a variety of integration options to match process needs. It comes standard with an XY galvanometric scanner. A rotary stage option is also available.

The LMWS unit can be used for several weld types, including single point object arrays, basic shapes (rectangle, circle, spiral), wobble function and vector graphics including CAD and line-drawings, and logos.

The LMWS complies with IEC13849 – 1, category 3 PLd safety circuitry requirements for ease of usage and integration into any quality system.